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Best Popular Google SEO Books List for Beginners Kindle / Download 2012 & 2013

Wow. The title of this blog post is a mouthful – ‘Best Popular Google SEO Books List for Beginners Kindle / Download 2012 & 2013′. Why? People look for SEO books online – starting usually with just a generic search ‘SEO books’ or ‘Best SEO Books 2012.’ With my own active list of the Best SEO Books for 2012, I am constantly working on building out the list of recommended books.

Best SEO Books for Beginners - 2012 and 2013Moreover, I have just published my own Fifty SEO Ideas: Free Tips, Secrets, and Ideas for Search Engine Optimization, a new .99 Cent book jam-packed with my favorite top tips.

Book Marketing – SEO Books Meet Amazon’s Algorithm

Here’s where it gets interesting. I am using this new book as an experiment in understanding Amazon’s algorithm, and how to influence it. Why does a book show up on page one of an Amazon search? For instance for the search ‘SEO’ on Amazon, Fifty SEO Ideas just made it to page one today. It’s sold about 200 copies, and has about thirty reviews. It is also being ‘tagged’ as relevant for both SEO and Search Engine Optimization. All of those factors seem to be propelling it up the charts. It’s a little like the radio charts of the 1950′s. How do you get the song played? Be popular. How do you become popular? Be played.

Another technique is to write blogs posts – like this one – on the keyword targets, e.g., Best SEO Books for 2012 and 2013 and then link up to the book itself on Amazon or even better a Listmania list. That way, Google positions the book or booklist at the top of relevant searches.

The Virtuous Circle of Effective Internet Marketing – e.g., SEO Books, Google, and Amazon

What I am trying to do – and you should, too, if you are marketing products or books on Amazon – is to encourage a ‘virtuous circle’ of marketing. You get reviews, you do SEO, to get more people to look at your product / book… which creates more sales, which gets more reviews, which drives you higher on the charts. Before you know it – you hopefully have a run-away best seller. (At least in your niche). So for the keyword phrase, ‘Best Popular Google SEO Books List for Beginners Kindle / Download 2012 & 2013‘ – I am trying to encourage this ‘virtuous circle.’

Is it working? Well, we are dominating the phrases ‘SEO Book’ on Google, and are now on page one for Amazon, SEO, and way at the top when you do the search SEO, sorted by average customer review.


  1. Nice article.Thanks for sharing list of seo books.hope i will find them useful.kindly share some more books.

  2. Thanks for telling about this Kindle edition. Everybody wants to download or purchase SEO related Stuff, but higher prices of that book make it unaffordable for them. The price set for fifty SEO ideas, is very reasonable. Now people can afford it easily..great!

  3. Hey!
    Thanks for telling about popular SEO books. I am new in the SEO field and I am always keen to learn something new about SEO as to boost up my confidence as well as my career. I hope these books will help and guide me in the right direction…

  4. Hey Jason,
    Really thankful to you for providing such a great resourceful list of best books on SEO, I was unaware of the books, so I just kept on browsing over the net but didn’t find any proper suggestion, I found what I was looking for on your blog.
    Thanks keep posting such a helpful posts

  5. Thanks for telling me great SEO books.These books looks really helpful, I will buy these books.Thank a lot for sharing great info.

  6. I completely agree with you its very important to determine the goal and accordingly plan the activity to achieve it.

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