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Best Google AdWords Books, 2012 – My List (In Progress) of Top Books on Google AdWords

AdWords can be your best friend, and AdWords can be your worst enemy.  I have had students and clients who have been ‘taken to the cleaners’ by AdWords, and had (noticeably fewer) who swear by AdWords as an effective tool of Internet marketing.

I am a book lover, and book reader.  So as part of my Summer, 2012, projects I am rolling out lists, lists and lists and lists of my favorite books.  Here are my top picks for best AdWords books, 2012.

Best AdWords Books, 2012 - List of Top Books on Google AdWordsHere is my summary from Amazon –

My list of best books on Google AdWords, 2012. My top ten Google AdWords books, books on Google Advertising, 2012. AdWords can be your best friend, or your worst marketing enemy. Marketers and small businesses use AdWords to promote their business, but Google doesn’t make it easy. These top-rated AdWords books help you understand what to do, and what NOT to do, on AdWords, to succeed!

AdWords has not produced a huge ecosystem of top-rated books on the topic, but still – there are at least ten books that cover Google AdWords advertising in an effective, top quality way. 2012 so far has been a pretty good year for books on AdWords. I teach Google AdWords online (just Google ‘Jason McDonald’ to find me), and I am always looking for new books for my ‘Top Ten Google AdWords books’ list. So if you have written a book on AdWords, send me an email and perhaps I’ll add your book to my list of the best Google AdWords book, 2012.

Important topics for Google AdWords and marketing –
* Keyword Match Types in AdWords
* Google Display Network vs. Search Network
* How to write good ads
* How to bid effectively
* What is Google AdWords Quality Score, and why do you care
* Remarketing and other advanced Google tips”

Do you have any books on AdWords, you’d recommend?  Reach out to me in the comments or send an email if you have a suggestion on the ‘Best Books on AdWords, 2012.’




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