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Google Engage for Agencies – A Rant Against the AdWords Marketing Machine

Ferret or Weasel as Google Engage for Agencies - FreeDigitalPhotos.netGoogle Engage for Agencies is Google’s official partnership program to encourage AdWords.  To grow the AdWords ecosystem, Google wants – Google needs – boots on the street – agencies, people, persons, carbon based life forms, to sell their customers on using Google AdWords.  Now, don’t get my wrong – everything has its place, every tool has its use.  I teach AdWords, including a very popular free webinar on Google AdWords Gotchas – Tips, Tricks and Tools for Google AdWords.

Google Engage for Agencies – What Is It?  What isn’t It?

But…  But I just watched Google’s latest and greatest snappy video of members of the Google Engage program selling us on why it’s a great program.  What ticks me off is Guy #1 who says that he is doing more and more SEO and now he’s doing lots of SEM.  SEO = the free stuff, getting to the top of Google for free using SEO.  SEM = the paid stuff, getting to the top of Google by paying AdWords.  Both are legitimate.  But what’s NOT legitimate is to confuse people on the two!

Straight Talk on Google Engage for Agencies: Adwords is not SEO.  SEM is not SEO.

  • AdWords = pay to play… Paying by click and using Google AdWords platform to get there.  Advertising is expensive, and advertising is not ultimately as effective dollar for dollar as free PR, namely SEO.
  • SEO = learning to “speak Google” and thereby get to the top of Google’s free listing.  More difficult?  To some extent.  More effective?  No doubt in my mind – if / when you can get there for free using SEO, your ROI will blow the socks off of your ROI for AdWords.
  • SEM = Search Engine Marketing.  This is a weasel term for AdWords, which seeks to confuse people – SEM is NOT SEO.  Paid is not free.  Advertising is not PR.


Engage for Agencies – Getting AdWords to Play Nice-Nice With SEO

My forthcoming AdWords Fitness Workbook will situate AdWords squarely where it belongs – as ONE tool that you can use, but not usually the BEST tool, and certainly a tool that you should use, if and only if, you can’t get there for free using SEO.

Rant over.  Oh one more thing – could Google please stop playing the happy background music in all their videos?  It’s creeping me out.  On and one more thing – could the folks at AdWords learn how to embed a link in YouTube.  Here’s the link to the official AdWords Engage Program in case you are interested.


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