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Getting Google to Reindex Your Site for SEO (Rapidly)

I’m working with a client, one of the best NYC portrait photographers. Teri has a cool new website, focusing on her photography business in New York, NY.

Teri Bloom - NYC Portrait Photographer So the question arises – how do we get Google to reindex her new website? How do we get her website changes (better Title tags, better Meta descriptions, new content, and new pages) to be noticed quickly by Google.

Like many websites, Teri hasn’t aggressively updated her site over the years, not blogged extensively, etc., so without really knowing it, she ‘taught’ Google that her site update patterns were slow. So now, we need to break out.

So what do we do? What should you do as an SEO to get Google to re-index your new content, or changed website?

  1. Change the website (of course) – get it ready for Google to come back.
  2. Issue at least one news release, preferably via a good SEO-friendly news service like We did that, here
  3. Get Tweets and Social Mentions; here are Teri’s Twitter pickups, here
  4. Get people (friends, family, contacts), like me, to mention that you have a new website, new content, etc.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of blogs and blogging. Google clearly re-indexes blog content much more rapidly these days – so you want to leverage your blog to get it to reindex your own site and content. Also the ‘one click’ from the home page is a useful strategy to get new content indexed.

The ultimate goal is to get Google to index all your content, and to start indexing your content on a regular, fresh basis. Use the site: command as in to see how many pages are in Google, and on the left side, click on past month, past week, etc., to see how frequently the content is being indexed.