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Free AdWords Vouchers for 2012 – Save $$$ on Google Advertising

It’s April 20, 2012. I’m thinking: VOUCHERS, Free AdWords Vouchers for 2012. Voucher – It’s not a word I usually use. Rather than using the word ‘free adwords vouchers,’ I am more inclined to say ‘free AdWords coupon codes.’ And then there’s 2012. The Mayans say that the world is going to end, this year. So why worry about getting free stuff from Google?

First of all, I like to save money – I recommend taking my free AdWords Gottchas Webinar, which explains ways to avoid wasting money on AdWords through mistakes like broad match vs. broad match with modifier, or Google network vs. the Google display network.

Second, let’s return to those free AdWords vouchers for 2012. They’re actually pretty easy to find –

Finding Free Google AdWords Coupons, Codes, and Offers

Free Google AdWords $100 / $75 Coupons

Free Webinar – Learn the AdWords Gotchas!

Google AdWords is a powerful system of generating inbound customer leads – if you know what you are doing. Since I teach Google AdWords, both online and in San Francisco, I get a lot of new clients who are ready to begin. IMPORTANT:: Before you start – be sure to watch my free Google AdWords Gottchas Webinar. Here are the key gottchas in AdWords

  • Bad AdWords Keyword Match Types – using broad match when broad match with modifier or phrase matchis a safer choice.
  • AdWords Display Network – running on the Display Network without really knowing what you are doing.

Now, about those free Google AdWords coupon codes and offers.

Free Google AdWords Coupons for $100 and $75 in Free AdWords Advertising

Google gives these away like candy if you know where to look. First, just click on either the

Browse through the links provided there, and you’ll usually find the most current free $100 AdWords Coupons or free $75 AdWords Coupons, depending on what Google is promoting. Note: this are for NEW advertisers only!

Free $100 AdWords Credit – Call Google AdWords

The final easy way to get a free $100 or free $75 AdWords credit is simply to call Google before you set up your first AdWords campaigns. Simply call 1-877-906-7960 and explain you are interested in AdWords, and want to set up a free $100 campaign. They are very lenient at giving away these credits, and the helpful Google sales rep will email you a coupon code. Presto! You’ve just saved yourself $100.

Free Google AdWords Coupon Codes - $100 and $75 Free AdWords.


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