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Ad Group Ideas (Beta) Comes to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Hey, this just in. Google has rolled out some new changes to their infamous Google AdWords Keyword Tool. As I teach Generating Great Keywords for Search Engine Optimization, the Google keyword tool is my top recommended SEO keyword tool out. Why? It tells us –

  • Keyword Ideas – type in a keyword / key phrase and get ideas about keywords and helper words
  • Keyword Volume – fish where the fish are; what are the most searched variants of a keyword?
  • Keyword Value – what keywords are the most valuable, the highest CPC (cost per click) on AdWords. These are generally the late stage / buy keywords

Google Keywords Tool - Ad Group Ideas Now, rather than grouping all the keywords in a long sortable list… the Googlers in their infinite wisdom are clumping them in Ad Group Ideas groups. What’s nice about this is it gives you some sense of how Google views keywords as ‘families’ rather than individual words. It’s sort of a “level up” view of how keywords cluster. What’s not so nice is that it greatly complicates sorting in the tool. (Note: if you are LOGGED OUT, you can sort the old fashioned way).

@ any rate, it’s a brand new variant on how Google helps us think about keywords both for SEO and for AdWords. So log in, check out the Google Keyword Tool and tell me what you think. Do you like this? Will it help your SEO?


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